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Belinda Fischer
M. 0402 032 799
Why have you chosen real estate as your career?

A family friend offered me Saturday work in their real estate office when I was 14. I enjoyed meeting a wide variety of people and seeing all the lovely properties. From there it was definitely a natural progression. I have worked in real estate for approximately 15 years.

How long have you lived in Port Macquarie?

I moved from Sydney in the early 1990s to follow my family and have been here ever since.

How would your best friend describe you?

Probably organised, focused on the job at hand, love training and learning new things, always looking for new challenges and ideas. I would also like to think I am very passionate about my family and those who are close to me.

What qualities do you have that contribute to your success in real estate?

Probably as per the above question, along with being thorough and detailed and most importantly I love being in a position to help people, both clients and staff members, in reaching their goals and building a relationship for life with some wonderful people.

Major achievements...

Meeting my husband and getting married in 1999.
Studying and achieving my real estate licence.
Purchasing First National Port Macquarie in 2004 with my husband.
Having the privilege of owning a beautiful Golden Retriever for 15 amazing years.

What are your career goals?

Every day my goal is to have the most respected and reputable real estate company in the area by constantly being at the cutting edge of training and technology and investing in our wonderful team.
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