Arrears Policy




Lease applications are only approved when we are confident that the rent will be paid on time. Changes in circumstances can put some tenants behind with their rental payments. We will not know who this might be when we sign up a new Tenancy Agreement, so it is standard procedure to advise all of our ingoing tenants about our

Zero Tolerance Policy for late rental payments.


Our standard follow up procedures involve SMS, email, phone calls and if necessary personal visits. This procedure may cause some people to become upset and/or embarrassed, however we make no apology for these follow up actions as the rent must always be paid on time.


Many property owners have a mortgage and your application has been approved on the basis that the rent will be paid on time - every time! The lease agreement is a legally binding contract and you have committed to doing just that.


We therefore advise that you must ensure that rental payments are a high priority, even more important than just about anything else in your household budget.


If at any time during your tenancy you believe that you may be late with a rental payment you must notify our office immediately so we can advise the owner of the property. We would also ask you to do all that you can to ensure that the rental payment is made on time and suggest that you borrow money from your family, friends, bank or credit cards to ensure that the rent is received on time.




Some tenants continually pay their rent late and in these cases we will:


1) Either recommend to the property owner not to renew the lease and you will be required to vacate the property at the end of your lease.


2) We will issue a poor payment reference should a new owner or agent require one and your details will be lodged on TICA - Australia's largest national tenant database.


This can affect your chances of obtaining further rental properties with other Real Estate Agents throughout Australia.